Land & People

The largest and brightest gallery space, this room is a vivid celebration of life in Ancient Egypt. Five large glass archways are filled with the museum’s collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts relating to the everyday lives of people.

Visitors are able to walk beneath the arches, mass displays of objects surrounding them whilst the sounds of life create an evocative atmosphere of river sounds, bird calls, voices, music and children playing.

Over sixty-three metres of wallpaper fill the space with bespoke illustrations, telling the story of every aspect of Egyptian life as represented through the variety of artefacts on display.

Twelve framed graphics are naturally back-lit by window apertures and give visitors an insight into daily lives, from Travel and Trade to Beauty and Fashion.

More than one thousand objects are displayed in this room alone, and include some of the biggest objects displayed in the museum – the Stela of Canopus is one of the largest at over two metres tall and the temple column is the heaviest, weighing in at over two tonnes.

Fun games and interactives provide opportunity for families and groups to play and learn together. A traditionally British seaside ‘Donkey Derby’ game races different modes of Ancient Egyptian transport against each other.